All the truth about costs and expences while your trip in Ukraine!


For quite many years Ukraine stays on the list of top travel destinations for those who seek Slavic woman as a partner. Trips to Ukraine are safe, easy to plan and usually bring different and new experience.
However, there are still so many myths connected to the tripping around Ukraine. Premier dating site wants to ruin some of them with you and show that your travel to Ukraine can really leave only best memories and impressions. If you want to end your single life and ready to start serious relations – there is no more perfect place for that than Ukraine. You should come and meet in the real time with your lady. It’s important if you are ready to bring up your relations from online dating to something real.

So, let’s see what main myths are about staying here:
1 Travel via local agency (details you can find on our dating site) is VERY expensive!
Well its total myth because agency is not interested in making you a poor tourist. They give you support and help 24/7 and their main role is to arrange your stay in the most pleasant way: help you with finding an accommodation, picking you up at the airport, showing you the city etc. Local agency is interested in you visit because their main idea – you have a nice time in Ukraine and get closer with lady you come for. That’s all. If something sounds too expensive for you – just tell this and they will find easier option. Its possible! Again, “expensive” is very flexible thing. You are client and you should feel comfortable. So don’t hesitate to ask and to discuss the services and their costs.
Just a brief example (of course this all depends on city of your stay):
Taxi by agency could go for about 3-20$ around the city. If you will just take a taxi from the “street” it will be not less than 20-30$ for short ride. Accommodation: local agency helps to find you could go from about 50-70 $ per night. If you find flat through some private site, it could go from about 100$ per night.

2 Hiring interpreters from agency – waste of money. I will better hire someone from translation office.
Depending on city of your stay, translation with help of the interpreter provided by agency could range from 20 to 35$ for an hour. If you hire a translator from some touristic center or translation office, it could be approximately 60$ per hour. Also, no guarantee this person will wish to solve any of your problems besides the translation. Local agencies have contract with premier dating site They give only those interpreters who understand that translation is only some part of their service. Also, local agency’s translators are interested to get good rating from you, so they try hard to succeed.

3 I will not eat in some posh restaurant. It’s expensive and MacDonald’s is much cheaper.
Well, one more myth which should be ruined. MacDonald’s is quite same price compare to a proper café visit. Usually, woman choses the café or restaurant for your first date with her. From our experience she choses just the one of her favorite places and never a choice goes from the side of “posh”. Again, if this place seems to you too much, you can always find another option which is suitable for you two. But don’t go to MacDonalds’. Its just not on the list if romantic spots for a date. At least, not for the first one. Cafes and food-services in Ukraine are on very high level! So, many of such places look wonderful with a modern interior and beautiful design. However, this doesn’t speak about a price yet. The prices could be very convenient so you must be ready to be surprised in a good way.

Just a brief example: to go to Macdonalds for two could be 15-20 $, to go to a proper café with good lunch (no wine) in Dnipro (center of Ukraine) could be 20-30 $. Well, its not fast food. Average prices for typical products are: water (0,5) 1-2$, coffee 2$, Cesar salad 5-7 $, Chicken Kiev 4-6 $, dessert 4-5$, a glass of wine 3-4$

4 To find tickets to Ukraine is very hard.
Luckily, we live in the digital world. Means you can use some apps and sites for your tickets (or accommodation) research. For example, SkyScanner and TripMyDream are different but both are very cool by their simple search system and also, by ability of finding the lowest price. There are tones of apps which can be helpful with getting the tickets. And you should also notice that from some big cities in USA, many cities of Europe and some cities of Asia – you can have a direct flight. Very often we heard from our clients that they were surprised by low prices of flights to Ukraine.
Just a brief example: flight NYC-Kiev (two ways) will be about 730$, Frankfurt-Kiev (both ways) will be about 200$ both ways, London-Kiev (two ways) for about 310$

These are just few popular myths and we will be ready to ruin all of them while your stay in Ukraine. This country is not just full of beautiful women but also, has a rich culture and great history, nice services and tones of places which will stuck in your mind after vacation here.
It worth to be visited and our local agencies partners will be glad to provide amazing travel services for you. Check it out more about “Date me” service on our site. Probably this is what you would like to use for arranging your trip soon!
Visiting Ukraine can go quite cheap, but still, with lots of wonderful moments and romantic atmosphere. Just trust team in creating a marvelous trip for you!