How to avoid dating scammers in online world!


Online dating is always a chance to date a scammer. Agree? Been there?
Let’s face out why this happened time to time and why serious services of dating always try to do their best for providing only real people to meet each other via their sites and apps.

Well, frankly speaking this happened because of two main reasons:
1. It’s easy to fake in online world. Choosing to sit behind the screen – is a great tool to pretend and to be anyone you want. Scam could be from both side: men and women. And there is no guarantee for any of us.
2. WE like to trust the fairy tale. Even after all the experiences we’ve had.
International dating site sees as its aim creating romance environment without boundaries. Means, we vote for LOVE no matter what corner of the earth you live at. We create safe space and best conditions for you to build trust, loyalty, honest and open relations. In virtual world to make it come true into the real life. This is main reason why fight with the scammers is our top mission!
To tell the truth, we want our costumers join us in this mission and help us to become better and safer place for everyone. Because online dating could be protected and we show it every day, 24/7.
So, back to the track. Let’s see how you can participate in the process of exposing the scammers. Today we would like to share few simple but very helpful steps which you can use on any of online dating app or site. Of course, we hope you will never need to use them on premier dating site
• Check the profile. Usually if person is really interested in a love search – he or she will put some information which will help to describe themselves for the site’s visitors. The more profile down to earth, easy to read, tells you the true story with funny jokes or even small grammar mistakes – the more chances this single is REAL person. Avoid profiles where you see from the first line that this “searcher” needs something: money, home, visa etc.
• Ask exact and specific questions about some likes and dislikes of the person. It will be perfect if you would ask something what was mentioned on the profile already! (Yes, let’s check how attentive this person is) For example, ask things such as “What is your favorite character on the TV show?” that they listed.
• Ask about a coffee shop, a restaurant or museum in the city or recommendations of what to see and to visit when you come. Usually, it will be great start of nice talk and not a stressful situation if the person is real.
• You can ask to share some photo from the childhood. In the age of digital its very easy to do not have scanner but maybe just to make a mobile phone snap of old picture and send it to you. Well, we all change after some years but not that much. Yeah?
• Ask for video chat!!! This is our pride and we are highly recommended you to never hesitate a chance to use the video chat option (with two ways video) for your online dating. Its important and it helps you to see the real person, the real emotions, the real smile and the real life. Sometimes it’s necessary to set few of such dates or to make it on a regular base to have more time and more chances to see the person from different sides and in different situations. Well, do that! Its great invest into your safety and honest relations. has more services for your safer contacting online but video chat is on the top of this list!
And the last but not the least. Keep calm and don’t get into the role of detective. Yes, life can’t give you guarantees for safe falling in love. But to fall sounds not that safe by itself. Just you should follow your heart, be careful but not too much and let the magic happened. Because LOVE is a true magic.
Welcome to the world of safe dating with