What to do, if you and your lady speak different languages?


Have you ever dreamed about having some type of superpower?
Just like the Marvels heroes! It will be so great to be able to fly, to have strong arms and easy kick the enemies, to freeze the time or even to learn new language just in few minutes!
Frankly speaking, we all dream about being superheroes when it goes to online dating with a person who speaks different language. And if your superpower isn’t about speaking every language in the world in a one snap – you would have your doubts about starting relationship with someone from other country. And its normal. Because multilingual relationships could be very frustrating! Dating a foreigner could become the best of your experiences or the worst – depends only on you two!

Perhaps, global dating platform Step2love.com has not just tones of optimistic examples for you (you can read many of successful stories on the main page of our site) but also – few tips which will definitely help you to accept your language differences and make them work for you!

1. Finding out perfect translation program!
Hey! Really! You guys could become not just an international couple but the professional experts in the field of online translation! After while you will deal with it easily and know what service has the best, the clearest and the most suitable for your translation! Maybe some companies will be even ready to pay you for that testing their product! Jokes aside, you will find your way – it will just take some time and patience.

2. You can become bilingual! Together with your partner
Here is very important to remember that you both will learn new things for you. You speak English and she speak Ukrainian? Well, be ready to put more of Ukrainian words into your daily vocabulary! One day soon words “devushka”, “chai” and “marshrutka” won’t be that unique for you! And its fantastic experience!

3. You will have absolutely gorgeous way of arguing!
Really, could you imagine two people speaking different languages and trying to fight a little? Total fun! Maybe you can even start a silly YouTube channel for making extra income for your couples

4. Someone will have to start language classes. Back to school! Amazing feeling!
From experience of dating site Step2love.com usually this is woman who starts visiting the English (German, Italian, Spanish or other) classes. Its more logical because usually when couple understands they want to be together – woman relocates to country of her boyfriend citizenship. So, its better to learn language which will play big role at feeling more comfortable in a new country. Probably, this is the reason why English lessons – is one of the most popular options among the GiftShop assortment on our dating source. Lady could start learning language in advance, in order to prepare better for the one of the biggest adventures in her life! And yes, man could provide it easily by only few clicks in our GiftShop.

5. You will invent a new Sign Language!
While learning common language you will have lots of times when you would wish to give up talking and starting to use sign language! Ok, not the official one but the one both of you will understand! Again, it could look quite comic but so romantic!

6. You will value real talks and cute accent!
Remember the movie “Love actually”? Colin Firth (the guy who tries to write a book) and Luicia Moniz (the girl who doesn’t speak English and clean his house by the lake) met each other and felt in love! The language barrier was absolutely killing and it was a total disaster at first, but then – turned to an amazing romantic story where they both tried to learn languages of each other, find out their own sign language and of course, speak with a cute-cute accent which is melting our hearts every time when its Xmas and we ready to re-watch this movie again!

Many of singles who meet each other with help of dating site Step2love.com went through the same way. From total frustrating to a happy love story! Language is never a real barrier for true feelings, and we prove it every day! If you need any help or support, translation and providing organizing the first date – just let us know by writing a letter to our Customer Service.
You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be in love. You deserve to find someone who might speak different language with words, but just the same one with your heart!