How to celebrate Halloween with your Girlfriend?


Booo! It is the most scared time of the year coming soon and you definitely have been questioned yourself how to celebrate this holiday with your woman! Even if you are communicating online, using dating site, there are still plenty of ideas how to make this day special and how to add some festive mood into the end of Fall!
Premier dating site prepared for you few little advices, which will remind you that being adult is fun and celebrations with your sweetheart – is a nice way to get closer and have some fun!

1. Use the Discount Program for Video chat
Yes, this will be your Top of the list because we prepared the perfect way for you two to celebrate: get your 25% discount for the video chat for the Halloween! Dates: October 29th to November 1st! All you need is to login these days and use our great offer! Celebrate Halloween with us! Make your girl enjoy your Halloween outfit on camera and get some silly mood together dancing and laughing with help of our Video Chat service
2. Dress-up and do some funny role-playing!
Ok, all year you two been serious man and woman. However, here we come to the day when you can get crazy and dress up a little bit more sexy than usual! Maybe you been dreaming of playing a role of Pilot and your lady could be a Stewardess (sure don’t forget to add some horror hints into these outfits). Using Video Chat option on you can create a real costume party and play some roles. Why not? Get some fun!
3. Watch the horror movie together
Well, you live miles apart and your only way of communicating is Online – do not worry! Set the time of “movies”, chose the one you always wanted to watch and click ON at the same moment. While watching you can even text each other! Cheer your woman up! Yes, girls love when men are strong and protective! It will be cool, if you will chat after the movies and discuss it together. Yes, you are far but you still can have fun as a normal couple. Miles are just numbers! Have you seen the “It” movie? Go ahead!
4. Get some candies for her!
Trick or treat? Remember, you been little boy and your favorite part of Halloween (besides choosing the Vampire outfit to scare girls around) was to get candies from your family and neighbors! Oh, such a lovely flashback to do that for someone when you are adult already! You can easily order small or bigger or even few packages of Candies for your girl online using our Gift Shop service! We will deliver it on time and make her feel special. Every girl would be happy to be treating in such way! No Halloween is complete without candies! Remember this!
5. Sign silly Halloween cards for each other
People say that we live at the digital era. Well, its truth half true. You dating online but you still will be happy to make something small and real for each other what will last even after years. Sign a card! Write some funny poetry or just few lines and send it by post. We mean by real POST! After years, you both will be happy to watch and reread these cards reminding the times when you just met.
You are unique! You two, who met each other and trying to build something special and romantic! So, you can use your unique way to celebrate and to create your own traditions! Just keep on mind: relationships need traditions and little holidays! Let’s celebrate with! Halloween is in the air!

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