Is there any dating after divorce?

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Every single Fairy tale ends with the words “And they lived happily ever after”
What makes us believe that marriage is long lasting form of relationships and that every girl would find her Prince Charming and every boy would be luckily find his the only One Princess!
However, Divorce Statistics for 2019-2019 proves that almost 50% of marriages end with divorce or separation. Means, that theory about “happily ever after” doesn’t work any longer. And this makes the other statistics grow so quickly: the rate of divorced people swiftly raised up on dating services all around the world. And these are great news for those who were thinking that Divorce is the end of dating and happy life. Many people, who is going through this tuff period in their life, are getting low batteries, lack of trust about relationships, no wish to move forward at all.

Honesty, it’s impossible to just make your life blank list and start all over again immediately. But time heals and this is great and inspiring to know! Therefore, premier dating site impower and encourage those who already had their experiences in relations and marriage, to come online and try again. Life is much better when you are with someone amazing and loving! And even after hurtful experiences its worth to try to live happily again!
Sure, we would like to share with you few tips about dating with divorced person. Also, they will be useful for you if “you are in these shoes” and just went through all the negativism of ending relations.
We hope and believe that this information and short advices will be helpful about your dating experiences!

Respect the privacy
No matter, its you who just ended relations, or you are starting to communicate with a lady who just been there – remember about respect. Don’t ask too many questions. You are eager to know everything and each detail – stop yourself from asking too much. Because divorce is unpleasant process by itself. Things take time and you need to give this time to your new friend online. Surely, you deserve this time also! People can’t get closer with each other when they push too much.

Be polite and don’t judge
We all think we know better. You can’t see the forest when you are in © Therefore you must be especially tolerant and do not judge. Even if you think you know what to advice, how to act and what to suggest – don’t do that. Neither of us wish to be in situation when someone tries to teach us living right. Its experience. Divorce is not the end of world and every person could solve this. If no – you or your partner can ask for help from each other. But don’t act until you are asked for.

Add romantic into your communication. Be generous with sweet words
If you joined the dating site means you keep the trust into the idea of dating and relations! Maybe you just ended the relations which were long and exhausted, or that single woman you liked online – passed through such an experience – it will be great if you two will remind each other about true meaning of relationship! Remember, how great is to hear from your partner sweet words? How cool to be asked in the morning about “how was your sleep” or just grab a tiny line with “I am thinking about you now”! This all makes relations grow and blossom. Very important after all negative experiences, no matter how hard it was, to start being romantic again. To add a childish hint into your communication and to be ready to open your heart for romance!

Don’t compare. At least try!
This person whom you just met here, on online dating site or app – is new one in your life. Its going be new experiences. New life. New rules. New YOU! So please, don’t screw it up with comparing. No one is the same. No one wants to hurt you here. You need to open the heart and trust the Universe, that this experience will be unique and marvelous! Try that! Because its so easy to spoil the magic of romance!

Enjoy the ride
Try to do not rush with jumping into the “all serious now” this time. You need to see the person first, ask questions, build small plans together, surprise each other, chat, mail, send small gifts, have fun, laugh together, call each other, travel maybe, know what you both want from life and future. This all about enjoying the ride. Don’t rush to the “ending” and a new story with “happily ever after”. Let everything be naturally and smooth. Dating online is just perfect instrument in such case – because you have plenty of time to decide what you really want and how do you see your new relations. Therefore, so many people around the world chose it instead of traditional dating offline. Here is your safe place and you need to value this time of healing, getting know yourself and your desires.

There is life after divorce.
Sometimes, divorce is just amazing way to remind ourselves that we deserve more.
And becoming a member of Premier dating site is about that: giving yourself a chance to get what you deserve!