What is the best time to fall in love?


People say that falling in love is no-listening-reasons-condition. And probably, if you ever been in love, you know what we are talking about. When your head-over-heels and you feel that you can rock this world, conquer it, be better version of yourself and do crazy things calling them MATURE – you are in LOVE!
Premier dating site Step2love has lots of evidences for you to prove that falling in love is the best time in your life. But also, we would like to make a little scientifically research about the best ages for falling in love for the FIRST TIME! Are you ready to dig deep with us?

1. Age category number one: 15-18

We figured out that about 55% of people fall in love for the first time between the ages of 15 and 18. Means, that first love is the time of your college ages, first crazy experiences and free teen spirit! Do you remember your first love, was it crazy? Was is intense and promised you “forever love”?

2. Age category number two: 22-25

Now time to surprise you pretty hard! Dating platform Step2love basing on its own experience in dating processes and scientifically research information wants to announce that only around 8-9 % of people fall in love in these ages! SHOCKED? Remember, we speak only of those who fall in love for their first time. Maybe this percent is so small because in these ages we are basically not in college or university any longer and its hard to surround ourselves with new community of people.

3. Age category number three: 38-46
Mature love time. Ok, well maybe you been sure you were in love previously. But recently dating site Step2love surveyed a random pool of 1,000 people and found out when people ACTUALLY fall in love for the first time. And most answers were that only now, being in their mature ages, they understand what love means REALLY! Maybe this is the main reason why majority of our costumers are 40+ and why they have such a huge success in their love search.

Maybe being single in 18 and being single in 40 is totally different. Because the elder you become, the more you learn about yourself and about what you want from life, from partner, from relationships. You might think that falling in love is a crazy teen spirit feel but closer to 45 for example, you see that love is ability to come everyday home after hard workday and have someone to cuddle with and see funny movies. Maybe there is no right and perfect ages for falling in love!

But there is definitely the perfect place for falling in love: dating service for online romance Step2love.com. We are welcoming you to join us for free at any age of your life because love has no boundaries, no perfect ages and no conditions.
Let’s make your love experience be excellent!