How to be single and not lose hope?


If you are not in relationships for quite long, at some point you start question yourself: “What’s wrong with me?”
Being single nowadays somehow become a synonym of “looser” but this is only stereotypes in your head!!! Many singles around the world are staying right now, at this moment in the same situation as you are! And many of them admit that there are wrong ways to be single and right ways to be single! Let’s figure out what means “right”, and more importantly – let’s see how to do not lose a hope while staying without That Special One.

1. Use your single time to learn yourself.
Maybe you remember the movie “Eat. Pray. Love” with Julia Roberts? She was the type of girl who jumped from one relation into the next one. Without any proper break between them. And she says something like “I always dating someone. I never had a single day for myself”. And if to dig deeper – these are very wise words! We all need these days when we are SINGLE! We need them to understand what we really want, who we are and where we are now.
One day soon you meet your SOULMATE and you need to get ready, to train yourself and to rest well before to be in your best condition! If you are single now – GREAT! Use this time to learn more about You-person.

2. Fail big!
You might say that you don’t believe that now, being alone you see all your previous relations and this “looking backwards” shows you that it was your fault. You did, said or acted somehow wrong and screwed it! Well, no one likes to FAIL. But its so important for our life and progress! Google for a “Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2019”. You will love it! There he speaks about importance of FAIL BIG! Because when you fail – you learn. Your experience is what brings you to “who you are” and creates the better version of YOU! And yes, maybe you failed in the previous relations but now you are STEP CLOSER TO SUCCESS!

3. Dream (act!)
Our brain is so smart! It needs a picture to create it in your life. Therefore, to dream is important! There is no dream which is impossible to reach when you know well what you want! Don’t be afraid to write down in details the portrait of your beloved! What features you want this person to have? How she should look like? Hair, eyes, smile, the way of dressing up. Mention it all. Brain likes details. It will bring you what you are seeking for. But now just sit on coach and wait. Do something. Even little steps: log in to the dating site, find an online dating app you will like, go to a date, try blind dating, don’t hesitate to use a chance your friends prepared for you. TRY it all! Increase your chances! Universe if kind and it has something special for you!

4. You are here to HAVE FUN and enjoy
Did you know that huge percentage of singles who sign up for dating sites, lose interest after first week of being on site? Why? Team of Step2love dating site made some researches and so we know that losing interest comes right after no immediate results! Fact: most singles have huge expectations from dating sites and not ready to wait longer. Little tip for your online search if you just starting it – have fun! Don’t rush! You are here, on a dating site, to have fun, to meet people, to try chances and to laugh much. If you will find your love – this will be awesome!!! If this will not happen – just remember to enjoy every single minute still! Be persistent in enjoying communication!

5. Always keep hope!
And eyes – open for LOVE to come into your life! Honestly, there is no one right way to be single but keeping hope, staying open, being positive, enjoying little things, knowing who you are and whom you are looking for – are important ingredients of your LOVE JOURNEY!

If you need extra inspiration, just log in on Step2love and go to the “happy stories” site section.
There are tons of stories which are so like yours! And now its your story’s time to happen!
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