Red lips to save the day! TOP5!


Red is the color of love, passion and desire. The scarlet shade is here for us to feel emotions, to feel something strong and something marvelous.

Red is a special color and as Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer a lot of women are starting to wear more red or pink clothes! But there is something that also is a must on this day — a red lipstick! To be honest, the day or season or the year doesn’t matter, because red lips isn’t choice of color — it’s the choice for life!
We see women of any age, any skin or hair color wearing red lipstick, because there is a perfect shade for everyone! Men love cherry lips on girls as much as women!
Red is used to raise feelings of lust and seduction. When a woman is wearing it on the lips, it becomes even more appealing and eye-catching. So here are our beautiful ladies with breathtaking red lips:

(Irina, Kherson)

(Marina, Kirovograd)

(Nadejda, Kherson)

(Alina, Kirovograd)

(Karina, Kirovograd)