First move!


We want you to be happy on the Valentine’s Day! So here is the way you can make your first move to happiness!
And first move is always the hardest, right? There are a lot of things to learn about a person you like. You need to start with a simple message to know how they are doing and then you will understand if it is the right person for you.

So here are a few things you need to know when meeting a new person:
♦ ask them about their job or things they like to do in their free time;
♦ ask them what they are looking for in a partner and tell them about your preferences;
♦ ask them simple questions like: favourite movie or tv show, type of music they listen to, football team, etc..

After getting to know each other better you can ask the following questions:
♦ now you can ask them about their family/friends;
♦ ask about the city and country they live or where they would like to travel;
♦ share personal stories if you trust them and they will pay you back for it.

When you will start getting to know them you will understand the importance of your relationships and where it is all going!
Also remember:
♦ don’t forget about compliments;
♦ make them laugh and make them feel comfortable;
♦ don’t pressure anyone;
♦ don’t forget to say goodbye.

Be confident in yourself!