Get to know teacher Irina from Nikolaev!


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Irina from Nikolaev!

Irina is one of a kind, she is smart, beautiful and an amazing person, who is curranty looking for love!
This is what she says about herself:

I am an outgoing, active, and very reliable person. I love children very much. After a few letters with me, you will find that it is very easy to communicate with me because I am friendly and sincere. I am also very creative and love to get new experiences in my life. I am romantic, like romantic movies, stories and I want my Prince to come one day and take me to his kingdom with him. I am trying each day of my life to make as the most wonderful one! I read a lot and try to know new things.

She is looking for a real gentleman from books:

I’m looking for a gentle, faithful man who will receive happiness me. I will make you the happiest one! I value people’s understanding and compassion, friendliness, the ability to compromise, commitment, sense of humor, and a positive look on life.

Irina is a teacher, so she really likes to read and get to know new things:

From books I like Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”, also I read Ukrainian literature, books of psychology. As for the film, I like “Transcendence”. It turned my world view. from the show, I prefer those where I can know something new.

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