Amazing woman — Aviation Engineer Marina!


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Nowadays women all over the world have different professions, and all of them are trying to do their best and have the best results for their work.
23-years old Marina from Vinnytsia is an Aviation Engineer! At her young age, she has a mind-blowing job, which takes a lot of courage to do and a lot of patience to study.
This is what Marina has to say about herself:

I have a happy personality, a very positive attitude towards people and life in general. I am a simple and easy-going person, truly open to new experiences and discoveries. On the other side, I am a very mature person. I have gained a good education in aviation, I earn my own living, I always take responsibility for my own decisions and my mother have taught me truly great, strong family and life values. I am very fond of nature, animals and have a dog. Love to cook especially desserts and cakes. I prefer to look feminine even in casual jeans and a t-shirt, I am fond of yoga, pilates, also do stretching and I love various directions in art. I love the seaside, love swimming, bike rides, sight-seeing, traveling. Being a romantic person I sometimes write poems. I think this can be just a small part of my interest and if you take me fishing, I will gladly join you! )) I will be happy if my man introduces me to something new. On my side, I will always be a great companion, a loving, gentle, sensual and loyal woman for you

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