How to prepare for a video chat?


Do you like using a camera and showing your face? Or you are feeling uncomfortable? Well, we know how to help you!

If you want to talk to your significant other using our video chat, it’s is very simple and easy to use, and it’s actually is no difference to a regular chatroom.
But you need to be comfortable talking on camera, the person you are with should be comfortable as well, and that way you will have a great time together.
Also, don’t forget about your appearance, even tho it’s not that important, because the person you are talking to probably likes the way you are, but it’s always nice to put a little bit of effort into your looks.
It’s also okay to feel a little shy at first from both sides because you might be looking at your future at that moment! As long as you are spending time together with a person you like and who likes you back, you won’t have any difficulties!
Step2Love is always here to help you!