Lady of the week — Valentina!


Name: Valentina
From: Sumy, Ukraine
Age: 21 years old
Star sign: Cancer

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1. What 3 countries would you like to visit? And why?
The first country I want to visit is Germany. Since childhood, I had a dream, since my dad is German.

The second country is Italy, namely Venice, one of the most romantic places on earth, this is a corner of majestic ancient architecture, an atmosphere of freedom and eternal celebration.
The third country is France. “Better than France, they haven’t invented anything yet” – this is de Gaulle’s phrase, and I trust him)
2. What is your favorite subject at school?
Favorite subject – physical education. I really love sports. I always took part in competitions and won prizes. Now I also go in for sports and try to keep myself in good shape.
3. Are you a happy person? What is the happiest moment or event in your life?
Yes, I am a happy person. For me, every day spent with my family is priceless. Family is the people closest and dearest to me who will help me and support me even at a distance.

4. Can you describe the happiest day of your life?
The happiest day of my life was when I was presented with a Labrador dog on Valentine’s Day 3 years ago (I remember yesterday). I really love animals, and especially dogs. I did not regret it a bit. Now I have a faithful and devoted friend who is always waiting for me and will never betray me.
5. What is your biggest fear?
Most of all I am afraid of the dark. This fear formed in childhood when my sister scared me and said that monsters live under my bed. I am 21 years old and am still sleeping with the lights on.
6. Do you enjoy being at home or walking more?
It all depends on my mood … Sometimes I like to be at home in splendid isolation, dream, cry, watch a cool movie. And sometimes take a walk on the street in the company of friends – laugh, sing along with the guitar, listen to scary stories.
7. What makes you happy every day?
I am happy when …
… take off the uncomfortable shoes under the table and move your fingers.
… I always see a happy mom.
… I listen to something fiery, Spanish, guitar.
… I say: “Please turn on one song, well … I don’t remember the name, well … so cool! – and this person includes exactly what I so wanted!
… I watch a movie and understand that this is a masterpiece.
… I am good at photographs.

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