New Year celebration and why is it so important?


For the Catholic world, the main holiday is Christmas, and the New Year is the end of the Christmas period. But for the Easter Europe New Year has the same spirit as Christmas!

New Year is favorite holiday of most adults and children, because on the night of December 31 to January 1 real miracles happen!
With impatience, excitement and joy people await the onset of the solemn night. Preparations for the holiday begins in advance, and by the end of December, city streets are already sparkling with lights, and in every house there is a decorated Christmas tree.
A festive atmosphere reigns everywhere: in homes, shops, restaurants and the streets. A pleasant New Year’s bustle covers everyone without exception. People go shopping in search of gifts for their friends and family, choose the most beautiful outfits and think over the festive table menu.

Each country has its own New Year traditions, however, there are several holiday customs that people all over the world observe.

What is customary to do for the New Year?

Get together with the whole family.
Most people strive to celebrate the holiday in a warm, cozy, homely atmosphere. Raise glasses of bubbling champagne, make a wish with family and friends, sit at the festive table – these are the things that are appreciated in all countries of the world!

Decorating the house.
It has been customary to create a festive atmosphere in the house since ancient times. How our ancestors did not decorate their home! Basically, it was something edible: apples, nuts, potatoes, and even eggs. Much later, glass balls, garlands and other familiar decorative elements appeared. Today, the selection of New Year’s decorations is so great that choosing exactly what will make your home unique and fabulous is not difficult.

Give gifts.
No New Year is complete without gifts. So it was before, people congratulated each other on the end of the old year and the beginning of something absolutely wonderful. The gift-giving tradition is definitely one of the most enjoyable!

Surprise your lady with the gift on this New Year!

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