4 Slavic Blondes on Dating Site


In the mid-50s, the phrase “gentlemen prefer blondes” had a magical meaning – in the wake of the phenomenal success of Marilyn Monroe, millions of women changed their hair color.
In the history of world show business, it was blondes who most often became sex symbols and were included in the lists of the most beautiful women in the world. Psychologists believe that blonde hair is subconsciously associated with femininity, do you agree?
According to legend, the first natural blonde was the goddess of love Aphrodite, whom Zeus himself presented with golden curls. In our time, fair-haired women, of course, are not considered goddesses but are recognized by men as the most beautiful among the beautiful half of humanity.
Here are 4 blonde Slavic ladies that you can win heart of:

Ekaterina, 24
ID: 136347

Alena, 34
ID: 496671

Olesya, 25
ID: 496655

Inna, 31
ID: 124963

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