Astrology time! How to pleasure Taurus ladies!


A Taurus is anyone with a birthday between April 20 and May 20. The double influence of the Moon and Venus gives the representatives of the sign the main dignity – femininity, in which there is wisdom, and sensuality, and strength of mind.
In essence, they are patient and peaceful, but this does not prevent them from becoming goddesses of war when danger threatens them or loved ones.

The Taurus woman is very dependent on aesthetic and sensual pleasure, plus she is romantic. These features make her “accessible” for men who know a lot about female psychology. Taurus can be easily mesmerized by the appropriately and skillfully chosen atmosphere, music, a glass of expensive wine, and a breathtaking landscape.
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Margarita, 27

Nataliya, 47

Irina, 22

Tatyana, 32

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