Why women wear white?


Each color is a signal for our eyes. What is white for you? The color of an angel, snow, or a bride?

The psychologists say and we can agree, that the right choice of color forms the right mood, the color has a certain emotional impact on others, it is the sign that tells about a person’s character, passions, and aspirations. So what does the white color means? Wearing white brings with itself peace and good luck!

So why do women wear white? White is the symbol of purity and lightness. When a woman wears white, she feels elegant and festive. Ladies who choose white are optimistic. Scientists say that such women are neater, they are faithful wives and attentive mothers! People who choose white are romantic and they do not stand lies and do not forgive betrayal. Ukrainian ladies, especially those who live in the south of Ukraine prefer white color because it is rather hot and sunny there so white color reflects the sun better than other colors and emphasizes a beautiful tan.

Also, white is the color of a bride and a wedding! It comes from ancient times when white was the symbol of innocence, purity, and humility. In addition, according to legends, the white color protected from the evil eye, damage, and bad words. So when you see a woman in white, do not hesitate, her thoughts are pure and positive!

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