Falling in love vs Love


These concepts need to be differentiated. Falling in love is comparable to addiction when one person cannot do without the other. And love is an adult and strong feeling based on trust and sincere affection.

Falling in love
is much easier. Surround the chosen one with attention, but not fanatical, but very delicate. If you work together, take her home or to work. Send a basket of oranges when she is sick. Send a gorgeous bouquet for her birthday. Don’t demand anything in return, but let’s not forget about yourself.

Learn to communicate with a woman in an interesting way. There is no need to mirror her manner of speaking. Believe me, no girl will be interested in a guy who knows better about cosmetics or women’s TV shows. But you can captivate her with your hobby! For example, invite her to the race track and drive her favorite car! Or take me to the rooftop to watch the stars through a telescope. Don’t forget about chocolates, a bottle of wine. Order a bouquet with delivery. Girls love beautiful gestures, and therefore such dates are the best remembered.

Don’t let her doubt her own exclusivity. Stay close to her. Introduce her to your friends and family. Compliment always. Find common topics. If you want to easily and smoothly introduce a girl to the circle of your friends, then help her find their people who are close in spirit.

Do not disappear from her life even for a day. Even one call, message, or order flowers with delivery will cheer her up and increase your chances for a place in her heart.

Maintain eye contact. Smile at her. Try to maintain tactile contact.

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