What can the color of woman’s eyes tell about a her? Part 1! (Black, blue, grey eyes)


The chance to get to know a person better, their inner world, morals, and character lies in many factors, both physiological and psychological. And the most accurate source of information is the eyes.

It is known that it is the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Even ancient philosophers advised beginning to study a person from the eyes. But even people without special education, just from their own experience, can tell a lot about the person just from looking at their eyes.

1. Black eyes

Beautiful owners of dark eyes are characterized by a stubborn, proactive, and restless nature. They are very energetic and able-bodied. Such ladies will stubbornly go towards their goals. Sometimes even defeat cannot affect their obsession with victory. Such girls know exactly what they want.

Aleksandra, 26
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2.Grey eyes

Those with gray eyes are decisive and intelligent. If any problems arise, they do not try to get away from them, but immediately begin to solve. Gray-eyed girls are able to make decisions in situations where it is necessary to use mind and character, as well as willpower. Gray eyes are a sign of curiosity. They are lucky in love and career.

Anna, 30
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3. Blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls are purposeful and not sentimental. They do not respond to tears and are difficult to soften. Sometimes they are characterized by fits of anger and without a cause of depression. But these mood swings are rare. Most often they have a calm character, but they are not at all supporters of a monotonous and passive lifestyle. You won’t be bored with such a girl.

Anastasiya, 28
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Do you see your lady in these descriptions? Or are you getting to know something new about them? More about what the color of the eyes means in our next post.
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