Checklist for you to make sure she’s intrested in you


Sometimes it happens that the remote format of relations is a necessary measure. For example, you and your girlfriend met online and live in different countries, you have different working times and time differences can make everything harder. But you can understand that a distant relationship can be seen as promising from the following characteristics

You should think about these and answer some questions to yourself:

— The lady feels the need to get to know you as a person, shows interest in your environment and activities.

— If there is an opportunity to video chat, the girl is always glad to do it.

— She shows respect for your needs, does not impose her opinion, allows you to have personal space.

— She is ready to be close to you in times of difficult situations. You are sure that she will not leave and will not go looking for a new one.

— If a conflict situation is brewing in communication, she tries to find common ground and does not inflate a scandal.

— Do you feel pressure from your pen pal, does she give you time to think about answers, are you free to communicate when you want?

Did you answer yes to all of the questions or some of them? That’s great! This means that we can think about how to develop and strengthen these relationships.

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