Text chat or video chat? What should you choose?


Several years ago we even could not imagine that for getting acquainted with the other person who can live on the other part of the planet, we will have a lot of ways and methods.

Now it is much easier and you could choose the most convenient way for yourself. Text chat and video chat, does that matter which way to choose and in what situation?
When you choose only text chat, you need to express all your emotions and feelings with the help of words. Sometimes words can mean a lot and you are not distracted while thinking and typing. When you read the book, you turn on your imagination and draw your own pictures in your mind. Another person can see in this book another sense. In communication between two people, it is better to get exactly what the other person wanted to tell you for avoiding misunderstanding. It is good to use text chat when you only start your acquaintance but only video chat can give you the full picture. Eye contact, facial expressions, smile-you could not get all this if you would use only text chat. So be sure, when choosing video chat, you will be satisfied and what is more important – you will be understood in the right way!

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