Signs that a woman is into you


There are several proven signs by which one you can tell what a woman wants from you.

Passionate, beautiful, and active ladies are always giving signs of what they want, all you need is to learn how to recognize them. They can be hidden and inconspicuous to others, however, they can be caught by the man to whom the spicy signals are intended.

Prolonged eye-to-eye eye contact
A woman’s eyes can tell a lot, including her desire for you. This is an unmistakable signal. In this non-verbal way, you can understand without unnecessary words on her part.
Perky laugh, radiant smile
As a rule, the look is followed by a smile or laughter. This means she is really into you and feels flirtatious.
A modest giggle with lips covered with a palm is also considered a signal. In the opinion of women, long and intent gaze often becomes noticeable to others. In order not to feel awkward, the look gives way to a smile and laughter.
Praise and compliments
Women also tend to compliment men. Most often this happens spontaneously and completely sincerely. Compliments regarding your appearance, success, sharing, and approval of your interests are a sign that she really likes you.
She is with you relaxed and in good mood.
This is a very important nuance that allows you to determine the approach of the moment of intimacy. She should feel comfortable and relaxed with you. She can laugh openly and cheerfully, not be embarrassed to joke and say nonsense.
Has intimate topics of conversation
Talking about sex can mean that she constantly cares about him or that she already introduces you as a sexual partner. In any case, such conversations are already a sure sign of her sexual desire.

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