In recent days, we have received many words of support and offers to help from our members around the world. Below are the basic ways to help from abroad.

The first and greatest need is SUPPORT FOR THE UKRAINIAN ARMY. At the individual level, the most effective way is to raise funds that the Armed Forces will be able to direct to the most urgent tasks and needs. The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account for the financial support of the Ukrainian military. It is intended for receiving transfers from international partners and supporters in foreign currency (US dollars, euros, pounds sterling). To provide such support, you can read all the details on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine.
The official account: UA843000010000000047330992708

Also important is assistance to reduce the tragic effects of the humanitarian crisis and the temporary displacement of those who have escaped their cities as a result of the war. Charitable and public organizations, among them, are working to solve this problem:
Save Life
United Help Ukraine

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