How to support Ukrainian ladies (gift shop specials)


You are not with your beloved woman in person but you always can show her your attitude, can support her, and gift her something special.

We created a special proposal for you to support your lady in Ukraine.
-Shopping gift cards: the lady can use them in a clothing store of her choice!
-Online food delivery: you can order for her some tasty food and it will be delivered to your lady!
– Rent apartment: a lot of ladies moved to safer places and you can help her with payment for rent for a period of 1 month of the girl’s choice.
-Prepaid gift cards of different costs: good support for your lady. She can use it for her needs.
-Grocery/department store gift card: You can help her to get all the groceries she needs.
-Gift certificate for kids store: If your beloved woman has children, you can please her and care about her child through the distance with such a gift.
-Health care certificate: If your beloved woman fell ill, you can also take care of her. The lady can use this certificate in any pharmacy.

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