Our Ukrainian Refugee story: Dasha

2022-04-25 18.21.13

Are you safe? Now I can say “yes”! But it was very difficult to get out of Ukraine, not only by transport but also spiritually, I did not want to leave the country where I was born.

Also, my family stayed in the country, they made their choice, and I made mine. I really miss them and my friends. But it’s better to be in another country where there is no war, right? The road was long and it was difficult to get to the border because the carrier cannot be trusted all the time because they could be scammers. But in three days I found a bus and went first to Warsaw because there is no direct flight to Prague. It was already quiet in Poland, but there are many refugees from our country and they don’t know where to go next, but I did.
We arrived 5 hours earlier than necessary, and I waited for 7 hours to leave for the Czech Republic. There was a lot of time to spare, so I was looking for a volunteer who will help buy a ticket because I don’t know the language, and I couldn’t do it myself. Finding him and everything will be fine and there in Prague with friends! I was at the Libin Chapel over the weekend I want to share photos from the Czech Republic – I am very glad that now I am safe!
\Dasha’s story

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