How to guess and understand women’s desires?

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The old question: “What do women want?” interests, at times, not only men, but also women themselves. That’s how complicated a woman’s nature is.

Keep your words and promises

The fair sex is more critical in choosing a partner. It is important for women to feel male reliability and protection.
Know how to listen and hear

Many men think more pragmatically and abstractly. They try to summarize and process information as soon as possible in order to make a better decision. Ladies believe that behind this lies inattention to trifles, and hence the indifference of a man to their problems.
More initiative

When a man plans dating scenarios, he shows his interest and leadership.
Communicate more often

Men are more stingy in communication compared to women. But this is not because they are inattentive or indifferent. The fact is that women have better verbal communication skills.
According to research, when relationships are long-term, partners learn from each other. Men become more sociable, and women learn to be more restrained, think more abstractly and express their ideas more concisely.

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