4 things that are important for girls when dating

Cheerful girl in gray outfit working in laptop during lunch with croissant and cup of coffee

Everyone wants to make the best impression when meeting online, especially romantic ones. However, girls look at some things differently.

What seems important to you may not matter to a woman at all. What are they really focusing on for the first time in the video chat? Let’s try to figure it out.

1. Face
Both men and women, first of all, pay attention to a person’s face. Everyone has different standards of beauty, but there is something that is equally important for everyone – grooming. Clean skin, neat stubble, or clean-shaven face – all this will make a favorable impression on her.
2. Smile
With the help of a wide smile, it will not be difficult to win over a girl. Feel free to joke, smile, and laugh sincerely.
3. Hair
Speaking of well-groomed, it is impossible not to mention hair. The hairstyle itself is not as important as its cleanliness. Oily sheen, dandruff, and other similar attributes of unwashed hair will obviously not make you more attractive to a companion.
4. Behavior
Try to alternate interesting stories about yourself and questions so that the girl can also tell something. On first dates, avoid ambiguous, vulgar, and rude jokes, too personal topics. And do not forget to say sincere compliments, it is always nice for the female sex.

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