How to find the right approach to a lady? Flirting guide for men


One of the necessary tools for winning a partner is flirting. Usually, women are known for their flirting techniques, but men also have their secrets.

Relationships start in many ways, but those people who are really successful with the opposite sex have actually penetrated some of the secrets of the art of love.
If two completely different people, as they were before, suddenly allow the wall separating them to collapse, this moment of connection becomes one of the most beautiful experiences in their lives.

One of the necessary tools in winning a partner is flirting.
Flirting is a verbal duel in the love game. A conversation with you should capture the imagination of a woman, giving her the opportunity to unravel the illusory hint, draw certain conclusions from it and give an emotional assessment of what is happening. It is enough just to abstractly speculate on the topic of loneliness or intimately talk about the fact that you have dreamed of marrying for great love all your life, and the woman herself will agree with everything for you, tell you how flattered she is and it’s nice to hear that.

Here they are – the rules of dating, flirting, and communication.
Or, in other words, six ways to please ladies:

Rule 1: Show genuine interest in them.

Rule 2: Smile.

Rule 3: Remember that in any language there is no sound more significant and more pleasant for a person than the sound of one’s own name.

Rule 4: Be a good listener. Encourage them to talk about themselves.

Rule 5: Talk about things that interest your partner.

Rule 6: Let them feel their own importance, and do it sincerely.

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