How to understand that a girl is in love with you?

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What to do if you communicate with a girl, and spend time with her, but you cannot understand and find out if there is something more between you, or is it just friendship?

Besides one of the most obvious options – to ask directly, striking her with your confidence and determination, but at the same time risking a rebuff or a blurry answer (because almost every girl prefers to remain a mystery), there is another option. Some psychological moments can most likely give you an answer to your question of how to understand that a girl likes you?

1. The girl hints at her feelings

If a girl calls you sweet names, flirts with you, and makes looks – these are sure signs that she has a crush on you.

2. The girl wants to communicate with you a lot.

You are for a girl like honey for bees, she is drawn to you. She writes you for any reason or no reason.

3.She is happy to see you at any time of the day or night.

A girl in love changes at the sight of her beloved. She has a smile on her face, a sparkle in her eyes, and “butterflies” in her stomach.

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