How to get a woman?


In choosing a partner, an active role traditionally belongs to a man. But in fact, a man usually chooses from those women who have already paid attention to him …

The most important thing that is required of you is perseverance. But it is patient perseverance and not an impudent obsession. Any pressure on a person is perceived negatively by him and automatically gives rise to a feeling of hostility and opposition.
Unwillingness to take responsibility for the results and inability to take risks is one of the main reasons for love failures.
A lady’s heart can be compared to a door that opens “on itself”. If you push it and knock loudly, the result will be the opposite. It must be done without pressure.
If you make an attempt to get close once and meet an indignant and strong rebuff, you should not “rush into battle” again. But if you don’t make this attempt, if you don’t take the risk – you will miss your opportunity forever.

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