Turns out that man and woman are not similar creatures. The differences between them do not end at the anatomy level. A greater difference is found at the psychology level.

Studies of the personality traits of men and women indicate that there are certain differences between us. But what role do these differences play in life?

Although the physical difference between the sexes – in size and anatomical structure – is obvious, the question of differences in the psychology of men and women is much more complex and ambiguous, and it is not so easy to reliably measure these differences.

And when psychologists manage to detect such differences, then, as a rule, disputes flare up as to whether they are innate, that is, biological, or acquired – sociocultural. In other words, are men and women born different, or is it society that makes them so?

This question is especially difficult to answer when it comes to personality traits. According to the results of most studies, men do differ from women in terms of some important character traits.

Generally women attributed to themselves qualities such as sincerity, friendliness, anxiety and shyness.

Men, on the other hand, tended to describe themselves as persistent and open to new ideas.

Women have more willingness to negotiate, and openness to experience.

Men are more vocal, and want to rely on their own experience.

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