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Aleksandra 20 years old Ukraine Kirovograd


Ukraine, Kirovograd

Age: 20 years old

Star sign: Aries

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1. Why have you decided to search for love online?

I decided to search for love online because it is not easy for me to make acquaintances in the street, and men who used to make first step have wrong expectations from this. I feel safe from meeting with inadequate men using online dating site, and I can choose when to continue or to stop communication without hurting each other’s feelings.
I find it special to build impression of a person feeling each other’s soul through letters and chat. Online dating makes it faster instead of sending letters per post.

2. What is the difference between Ukrainian men and foreigners for you?

I joined this site because I am frustrated in Ukrainian men, their attitude to romance, family values. I hope that a man of another mentality can meet my expectations from happy relations.
I noticed that foreigners admire the beauty of Ukrainian women, more when it’s combined with intellect and soul’s tenderness. I think that our men live surrounded with this beauty and treat this as something ordinary for them. Besides I think that our daily problems, routine has made men’s hearts cooler to genuine romantic feelings, to the art of treatment the flowers which can make their life more colorful, fragrant, beautiful… I guess you understand whom I imply by flowers. (wink) I think our men should wake up from their dream.

3. How does your ideal man look like?

I am looking for a genuine, trustworthy man to become my friend and soul mate, a real man by my side. I see him as a strong but tender, caring and supportive, reliable and understanding, attentive and merry person. I want him to be a “stone wall” for me behind which I will feel easy and safe to create our happy family. I want to give him all my love, passion and care and to get the same back.

4. What family values do you treasure?

I treasure care, loyalty, forgiveness. I think in relationship we take responsibility for each other, each other’s feelings. We take each other’s pains like ours. One would never hurt the person he or she loves.

5. What or who is your life inspiration?

My family is my inspiration and source of guidance. The feeling of peace and harmony I get after family reunions makes me stronger, recharges soul’s resources for new accomplishments. It is a pleasure to make them feel proud of me and to know they are my shelter I can back no matter how hard life can beat sometimes.

6. What is your main life goal?

My main life goal is to realize myself as a woman, lover and mother. All material welfare is nothing if woman is not happy in her personal life. Love of dear soul mate and continuation in her children makes woman complete, in my opinion. I want to be keeper of our family hearth so my dears can turn to anytime.

7. How to make you feel more special?

Small surprise like greeting card found in an unexpected place, or a song ordered for me on the radio by my beloved man can make me feel special.
Relaxing massage or a rose on a pillow found in the morning could make me feel more special. Just a call or sms during a day with naughty confessions can make me feel more special).

8. Which advise do you think was the best that you have obtained in your life?

I got this kind of advice watching one commercial on TV. But it came deep into my mind and I try to follow it in my life. It goes as follows “Make mistakes, but never stop”. I believe even mistakes help us to grow, since they also give experience.

9. What is your happiest memory?

My happiest memory is the most unusual birthday present that I have ever got. It was a fluffy teddy bear with bouquet of roses flying in front of my window in the morning. That was unusual if to take into account that I was living on the 4th floor. It was tied up to air balloons filled with helium and held from the ground with a ribbon by my friends who were scanning “Happy Birthday”. When I looked down I saw 5 teddy bears who were my dressed up friends.

10. What is your #1 dream now?

My number one dream now is to meet soul mate man and travel with him around the world. I think the greatest pleasures in life are best experienced with beloved person. Two people who share this belief and have built a powerful connection with each other will create wonderful experiences and memories together which will give them happiness their entire lives.


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