Russian Names of Slavic Origin: Meanings, Affectionate and Pet Forms


Native Slavic names are very beautiful and sonorous, ancient name as an amulet protect Russian women and have an unusual meaning. So let’s get to know the most popular Russian names of Slavic origin, their meanings, affectionate, pet forms and their influence on a character of your Russian lady.

Yaroslava – is an old Slavic name which means “glorifying the Yarylo sun”. The affectionate forms are Yaroslavochka, the pet names are Slava, Yara. Yaroslava is a hardworking, ambitious and diligent person. She becomes independent quite early. She is very cheerful and funny with her family and friends, has an excellent sense of humor and don’t like boring conversations, always polite to her coworkers. Yaroslava has no problems with money because she is clever and reasonable with her expenses. Yaroslava is independent and sometimes very stubborn, she may listen to advice of other people but she gets her own way. She is serious in her search of life partner, looking for a serious mature man who will understand and support her. Yaroslave is a good wife and mother, she can sacrifice a lot for the sake of family, but she may be jealous a little.

Roksolana – may be translated as a “prophetess”. The affectionate forms – Roksolanka, Roksolanochka, the pet names – Lana, Lyana, Rosya, Roksa.
Ukrainian women with this name are strong, determined and ambitious. They like everything bright and unusual, they love travelling and choose a work where they may travel and see the new places. Roksolana as usual listens to her mind and not her heart when choosing a life partner, she is very faithful but can’t stand criticism and yelling. Roksolana has a good sense of humor, easy going and kind. She has not a lot of friends, but only a couple of close friends she treats with special love and respect. Roksolana likes to have more than one child, she is a strict but loving mother.
Oksana – the Ukrainian form of woman’s name Kseniya, wich means “hospitable”. The affectionate names – Oksanochka, Oksanka.

Oksana is very patient and persistent. She is unpredictable and likes to make surprises and presents to her family and friends. Oksana is never boring, she has an artistic mind, like to sing or to paint. She is economical, but very generous to her close people. She is looking for a reliable man who can be her partner and best friend. She likes to show her affection every day, she is not greedy in her feelings, likes to make every day special and romantic. She is sensual and passionate, but also jealous and won’t forget cheating. She likes spending time with kids because she is a little girl inside.
Nadegda, or Nadiya (Ukrainian) – can be translated as a “hope”. The affectionate names Nadenka, Nadusha, the pet form – Nadya.
Nadegda is very goal-oriented, energetic, hard-working and strong. She is very emotional but very often doesn’t show her emotions to others, she is very organized and like to keep everything in order, she likes to have her own space and trust to only close people. She likes to find a man who will be her equal partner; she doesn’t like loud arguing and prefers to discuss everything with her partner. She can be herself with close friends are her family, so some people may think that she is secretive, but that’s not true. Nadiya is a very faithful person you can always rely on.

Lyudmila is a Slavic name which means “people like her”. The affectionate forms – Lyudochka, Lyudmilohka,the pet names – Lyuda, Mila.
Lyudmila is a perfect homemaker, she likes to cook and to gather friends and family together in her cozy apartment. Lyudmila is very active, curious, has a good memory. Quiet and boring life is not for her, she has a lot of energy and like to help everybody, she has a lot of friends and likes to take good care of those who needs her. Lyudmila has a lot of hobbies, she reads a lot, likes to communicate with others, likes to have a lot of friends at her home. Lyudmila is a wonderful cook, likes to invent new recipes and to threat others. She chooses a caring and kind man who will admire her and won’t criticize.

Vera – the Russian name which sounds like “faith”. Affectionate form – Verochka, Verunchik.
Vera is a serious and purposeful, clever and sensible Russian woman. She has a musical talent and like playing musical instruments or singing. She has a lot of aims in her life and works hard to achieve them. Vera gets married an older man because he is more wise and experienced. She is strict with her kids and has a good relationship with her mother in love and other members of husband’s family. She takes good care of her family, loves to cook and to keep a house clean. Vera is a serious girl who knows what she wants and always believes that all her dreams will come true. That is why her name sounds like “Faith”.

Vladislava – is the native Slavic name which means “the one who owns glory”. The affectionate forms are Vladohka, Vladusya, the pet names are Vlada, Lada, Vladya.
Since early childhood Vlada is very curious and energetic, likes to learn everything new and very brave. She has an artistic mind, likes reading, painting, acting. She needs an older husband, mature and experienced, who could understand her inner world, protect and take good care of her. Vladislava is an easy going person, who has a lot of friends and may find the common language with anybody. She is a talented cook because always like to invent something new. Vlada is optimistic, emotional, ambitious and witty. A pet name “Vlada” sounds like a Ukrainian word “power”, but Vlada’s powers are feminine and tender, so a woman with this name could be a perfect wife and needs a stronger partner to protect her.

Inna – the old Russian name which means “flashy flow”. The ffectionate forms – Innochka, Innusya.
Inna is very brave, artistic and independent but sometimes stubborn and inpatient. She is very honest and can’t stand lies and cheating. She is looking for a very honest and devoted husband, she likes compliments and praises. Inna is very clever and ironic, likes reading good books and watch clever movies, she likes sport and dancing. Inna is a caring and responsible mother, likes to make surprises and gifts, she is friendly but has only couple of close friends she can trust, her husband is one of them.

Milena – this Russian name has the Slavic origin and means “sweet, cute”. The affectionate forms – Milochka, Milenochka, the pet name – Mila.
Milena is very ambitions and always achieves her goals, she is impulsive but strong and hard working. She is independent and clever, she has a lot of friend and they all love her like her because she is kind and sensible and like to help others.
Mila is a woman of actions and she likes strong men with high self esteem. In a marriage life she is very patient and honest. She likes mature men who can appreciate her devotion and care. Mila likes to cook and to gather friends together; she likes to work hard and to have a good rest too. Milena is beautiful, passionate, sincere and trustful and can’t imagine her life without romance.

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