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Ekaterina 24 years old Ukraine Kherson


Ukraine, Kherson

Age: 24 years old

Star sign: Cancer

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1. Why have you decided to search for love online?

I have decided to search for love through the Internet, because it’s easy and convenient way to communicate with people all over the world. I like to share photos and exchange highlights of our lives. It’s making our communication more honest and close. And nowadays it’s quite easy to do! Why not to try?!

2. What is the difference between Ukrainian men and foreigners for you?

I think every girl is dreaming about meeting a foreign man and create a strong family with him, because it’s difficult to find a worthy, kind and caring gentleman in Ukraine. As for me, I just like English speech :)

3. How does your ideal man look like?

Perfect Man may not even know that he is an ideal man. He may never think about that at all. He simply lives his life according to the laws dictated by his mind, conscience and soul. If he invites you for a cup of coffee- he really wants to buy you coffee. If he helps you in a difficult situation just your simple “thank you” will be enough for him. The ideal man does not waste words. If he says he’s going to call back – he will do it! Not even today, he may do it tomorrow, but he will do it for sure. It’s just a little piece of good features of my Perfect Man…

4. What family values do you treasure?

Support of my close people! It’s the most important thing for me! I wish everyone has such a treasure as I have!

5.What or who is your life inspiration?

I love music and dancing )) Music inspire me and give me strength. When I dance I think that world stops )))) I enjoy this time !… :))

6. What is your main life goal?

I would love to create a family. I want to have kids. I want to leave something very important for the history so maybe after the birth of children I will think about some new goals.. Also I hope I will never be lonely and will always have someone by my side who will always support me.

7. How to make you feel more special?

I think small gifts like coffee in bed, or a bouquet of flowers … nice compliments … it will make me feel special …;)) It’s so easy but so pleasant!

8. Which advise do you think was the best that you have obtained in your life?

The best advice is never to listen to any advices. I think I have to make decisions by myself, it will be my choice and in this case I will blame myself only.

9. What is your happiest memory?

When I was a little girl one boy who I was in love with me kissed me in a chick)) I was very happy about that and still remember my feelings :)) Well, it was my first kiss ;))

10. What is your #1 dream now?

Since childhood I was very impressionable girl. I had lots of fantasies and loved to watch movies with happy ends. So now I wish my story be the same :)))

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