What Do Men Want? The Most Desirable Types of Women

Men can’t live without women as well as women can’t live without men. Since early childhood every woman asks herself “What do men want?”, because she wants to find her Prince and to be the only one Princess for him. It’s not easy to find out what do men want but at least we can determine the types of women men like most of all.

1. Classical type “A perfect housewife”
A lot of men want to find a lady who can cook, bake and make her home cozy and clean. Of course it doesn’t mean that men want to have a housekeeper instead of sexy wife. They just want their Russian bride to cook well because every man like the homemade food and want his wife to be a good mother and solve the everyday problems while he is at work. And he wants to return to a place where his Russian wife will wait for him with the fresh homemade dishes and happy smile.

2. Caring type “A personal psychologist”
Russian woman, who can understand and support her man is one of the most popular type. Of course not always woman can be a professional psychologist, but she should be wise and mature enough to make her beloved feel happy. A perfect Russian bride should be a good listener and always believe in her man. A lot of men dream about an understanding woman who can compromise and support him.

3. Romantic type “Woman in love”
Woman in love has a magic glow in the eyes which makes the everyday life of her beloved happy and bright. Every woman in love is always beautiful and ready to do everything for her beloved.
Real love is a magic and who doesn’t want to be loved and happy?

4. Friendly type “Playmate”
Every man loves when his woman supports his interests and shares his hobby. Or at least don’t prevent him from doing things he loves. But of course the perfect Russian bride should have the same interests as he has.

Psychologists say that couples who have the common interests are stronger than those where man and woman have their own hobbies and spend their free time separately.

5. Passionate type “Femme fatale”
Nobody knows for sure why men like femme fatale. Maybe because they are exotic, emotional, independent and passionate. But of course it doesn’t mean that men will marry the woman who is too independent to fall in love with the only one man. Men like women who can be different – shy with others and femme fatale with them.
It’s hard to tell what do men want, but as every woman, every man needs to feel love and to be loved. And without a doubt, a Russian woman can give a lot to her man and to be different so he’ll be happy and fall in love with her every day!