Sugar Cookie Day

July has a plenty of “sweet days”. The month is but begun and we offer you to stay with us. Sea of useful and funny information, smart, livable and beautiful Russian ladies keep you company and wait for you this hot sweet month.

You can’t stop eating it. It’s delicious and yummy, but simply plain. It’s easy to make – you need just six ingredients for it (Give you a clue – sugar, butter, flour, eggs, baking powder and vanilla).It is considered to be the most popular American cookie. Yep, all genius is easy, and we obviously mean sugar cookies, as we celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day today.

Nobody knows exactly the date of first sugar cookie baking. The tasty desserts looked like modern sugar cookies were known as cimbellines in Italy, gimblettes or petites gastelles in France and shortbread in the UK and Scotland from medieval in Europe. When groups of settlers arrived in America in the 17th century, they brought their national recipes and by combining sugar, eggs and butter created small treats. These ones were simple but tasty, and today we know these baked goods as the Sugar Cookie.

True old-fashioned sugar cookie is a feast for the eyes of gourmands. There’s nothing more delicious, there’s yet versatile – a lot of toppings, an assortment of icing and fillings line jam or melted chocolate. Homemade or from nearest bakery, sugar cookies are ideal snack for either tea or barbecue. Sugar cookies come alongside and work hand in glove with family holidays, kids’ entertainment, good neighborliness and friendly relationship. Bake sugar cookies; share it with your neighbors and friends, use various cookie cutters for it, decorate it and enjoy your sweet cookies to the last crumb.