The most exotic must-sees in the Crimea

Nestled in the south of Ukraine, between the Black and Azov Seas, the Crimea is famous for its mountains, beaches, resorts and sightseeing. The stone beaches and exotic subtropical nature in Crimea make this peninsula the real earthly paradise. But the Crimea is a wonderful area with the lots of spots to see as well as its beaches and resorts. So if you have some time, you’ll be seriously impressed with the wonderful sights and the top exotic places that the Crimea has to offer.

Safari Park of Taigan

Are you keen on wild life? Ever wondered what it would be like to be TOO close to Lion Kingdom? Well now’s your chance with Safari Park of Taigan! It is a great opportunity to see the most dangerous predators in the wild. Opened in 2012 in the heart of the Crimea, this Safari Park stands in 75 acres of amazingly landscaped savannah. View lions (more than 50 species, including a unique white lion), take home a memorable photo with lion cubs, and take a breathtaking overground walk. Have a really WILD day here!

Marble Caves

Discovered in 1987, this cave was called Marble because of marble limestone and is believed to be the oldest karst caves in the Crimea. It consists of three parts: the Main Gallery, the Lower Gallery and the Tiger Passage (caves have a total length of approximately 1, 24 miles). The huge halls are magically decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, and the impressive galleries and underground panorama make your mouth form an O.  Various legends and tales, related to this massive stone blocks, are also worth mentioning.

Balaklava Submarine Base

The base for submarines had been built about 1961 in the middle of the mountain. It became abandoned in 1995 and during the period since the end of 1950s till the middle of 1990s, Balaklava was one of the top secret areas in the Soviet Union (and was accordingly closed for visiting, even concerning family members). Then the decommissioning process started, and in 2003 a museum of Submarines was opened to the public for guided tours. You can see the armory and the channel system, but the part of the base related to repair of torpedoes and equipment base remain closed for the public yet.

When you would like to visit your Ukrainian lady, try not to miss these exotic spots in the Crimea.

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