World Pasta Day

Nothing says Italy like its food, and nothing says Italian food like pasta.

So what do you think about Italian cuisine? Are you fond of different sorts of salami? Have you a passion for a pizza or spaghetti? Do you enjoy lasagna, ricotta cheese, prosciutto, risotto and polenta? Does it sound fine, doesn’t it? Have you ever cooked authentic Italian dishes? Or you have just a good time indulging the variety and richness of Italian cuisine through savoring the most delicious dishes? But however that may be, there is no doubt that one of the most famous and attractive Italian dishes is pasta, and today we celebrate World Pasta Day! Yummi!

World Pasta Day is celebrated all over the world on 25th October of each year. It goes through numerous events, activities and promos in different countries. World Pasta Day should highlight the importance of pasta as a global food, consumed in all continents, promote the consumption of pasta and underline its benefits. World Pasta Day was proposed to be established as an annual celebration by pasta manufacturers at the first World Pasta Congress held on October 25, 1995 in Rome, Italy.

As anyone who has ever visited Italy understands, local Italian pasta is believed to be a kind of the national dish. But it is not a fixed entity. This dish comes in an endless variety of shapes and forms; it can be sauced in a vast number of ways; it can be cooked in different methods. When it comes to pasta, each Italian region, each small town or village, even each family has their own way of cooking this authentic meal. Do you prefer pasta secca (dried kind) or pasta fresca (fresh pasta)? So have you ever thought about these both kinds have more than 310 specific forms known and about 1300 names having been registered? This is exciting. The number of traditional pasta shapes has been estimated to approximately 60, traditionally it goes with long shapes (spaghetti, maccheroncelli, linguine, fettuccine) and short shapes (mostaccioli, abissini, quadricci and many others). Have you impressed? By the way, Russian ladies are passionate about Italian cuisine, especially when it comes to pizza and pasta. They can cook it tremendously delicious – al dente, with olive oil and sauced with different ways – fresh tomato, seafood-based or a mushroom cream sauce. Would like to taste?