Petrikivka Lard Festival

When: October 26, 2013

Where: Petrikivka, Ukraine

What: Petrikivka Lard Festival

The small village of Petrikivka became the centerpiece of Ukrainian lard festival on October 26th, 2013. The celebration of lard, the traditional Ukrainian food, took place in this east-center settlement in Dnipropetrovskaya Oblast. Salo (in this way lard sounds in Ukrainian) is considered to be one of the awfully popular products in Ukraine. It is always regarded as a characteristic feature of either Ukrainian cuisine or Ukrainian culture as well. Today Ukraine is really associated with lard in the world. Lard which is often used as cooking fat in the world cuisine is consumed in Ukraine as a snack, a sandwich ingredient or in raw. Small slices of the white lard are traditionally eaten with black bread and garlic for vodka. There is even a chocolate-coated version of lard. Ukrainian and Russian ladies think lard (especially smoked or spiced) clearly deserves attention and often use in cooking.

Numerous Ukrainian companies specialized in lard production organized the event of Petrikivka Lard Festival for tasting the best lard sorts. They presented their production to the visitors of the festival. Every guest of the festival had a perfect opportunity to try, taste or buy either raw or smoked to steamed sorts of the local lard production.

Together with the fair of lard a lot of entertainment events took place during the festival. One could see famous folk groups, different contests, among them archery contest and Cossack fight are, a lottery with a little pig as the main prize, and other entertainments.