Hello, Halloween!

Hello everyone! Hope you are ready to celebrate today the most spooktacular holiday – Halloween! Tons of fun, trick-or-treat, Jack-a-lanterns everywhere you can see it – today is the second popular commercial holiday after Christmas. Originated in Ireland over 2,000 years ago, Halloween is treated today as a harvest festival generally, and, of course, as a brilliant chance to have a fun! Funny costumes (each year has its own fashion costumes trends), trick-or-treating sweets and candies for all and every children, owls, pumpkins and scarecrows, skeletons, mummies, vampires, werewolves – there’s nothing more traditional and intense?

An ancient Celtic holiday of “Samhain” is believed to be the ancestor of today’s Halloween. People celebrate this day as a spiritual beginning of a new year, remembering their dead as well. This holiday was introduced to the United States in the 19 century by Irish immigrants. The spirits of the dead are thought to look in their houses and all kinds of evil spirits have been walking free the earth. In order to placate them all, people offer some food to someone who knocks their doors this night. Better to play safe, isn’t it?

The tradition to celebrate Halloween spread across the world. However, in many countries (among them are France and Australia) Halloween is considered to be unwanted as resulted in commercial influence. But the Halloween’s popularity continues to grow all over the world. So, in South America people celebrate the Days of the Dead and All Souls’ Day as an analogue for Halloween. The Lantern Festival and Festival of the Hungry Ghosts (Hong Kong) are celebrated in China, when people honor their ancestors and offer food to their ghosts.  As for the pre-CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine), Halloween is more simply tribute to have a fun – with handmade crafts or fashionable costumes – than as a traditional celebration. But Russian ladies wear these costumes with pleasure, as it is a perfect chance to have a great time!

Every year Halloween seems to grow in its popularity. People of all ages can perfectly satisfy their inner and real kids on this holiday – there are tons of costumes ideas, crafts and jokes! Halloween is the golden opportunity to dress up the way you (or your kid) like! However, you may think twice about some of them (as, for example, the Miley Cyrus outfit). The top ideas this year are Monsters High, Minecraft or trend movies (among them are the Great Gatsby, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones) characters. The classical outfits (like Batman or Disney heroes) continue to be a popular choice. The main theme of Halloween is to highlight your personality, so let’s do it!

Lots of fun today!