Travel-living: change your world, open your mind!

Would you like to change your life? Make it free and adventurous, without plans and schedules, without city bustle and traffic congestions, without requirements and restrictions?

Would you like to see diverse countries and cultures, different people and different lifestyles? Would you like to see the world in its beauty and variety?

If your answer is “Yes!”, one day you may change your life to way of life that is called “Travel-living”. It is the life in endless journey around the world. You turn your existence into a one long trip without any limitations, staying in one country until you’ll decide to leave for another place.

If you like to study new countries during a long period of time, to enter into the local life, customs and traditions, to observe curious plants, animals and birds, to discover this vivid world step by step – you will definitely like this kind of traveling.

This lifestyle is valued by many people who has an independent income or a distant job. If you are a writer or a photographer, a journalist or a programmer, an analyst or a consultant, a broker or an owner of a small stable business, or even if you are a scientist (like biologist, anthropologist etc.), it is not difficult to you to change your work to distant. Furthermore, creative people may use their new impressions and knowledge in their job that will help them to do it better.

You may travel alone or with your close people. If you have met your special lady on Step2Love, you may visit her country and stay there for some  time. It will help you to become closer with your lady and conquer her heart in a real life.

After becoming closer you may invite her to accompany you in your exciting journey. Most likely she will agree to join you, because the ladies that are ready to marry a foreigner usually are very romantic and adventurous persons. Most of them will be enthusiastic about a thought of a world travel with their special man. And since this moment your journey will be even more pleasant and entrancing!

Even if you are not ready to change your life right now, don’t be discouraged! If you really want to travel the world, one day you’ll get a chance to give effect to your dream and will make it come true!

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