World Kindness Day

“To do good, you actually have to do something”

– Yvon Chouinard

Hello everyone! Today is the 13th of November, and this is the day of free hugs and kisses, good causes and altruistic actions. Today the world celebrates World Kindness day. Being kind today is a good practice, and bright Ukrainian ladies share this idea. Donating books to the libraries, volunteering, tutoring children at schools or kindergartens, doing an act of kindness, planting a tree, even saying a warm wish for the special someone – all these actions might help the world and yourself. Only your behavior makes you a good or bad person, so ask yourself what are you doing for others today? It’s really good habit to do good – just try it!

World Kindness Day was started to celebrate in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. November 13th is nominated as the World Kindness Day. This holiday is celebrated worldwide, including such countries as United Arab Emirates, CIS countries, Commonwealth of Nations countries, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and many others. In fact, this day is dedicated to kindness – big and small, in all its forms and aspects. There are lists of some ideas to do in the World Kindness Day, among them are helping to natural disasters survivors, cleaning the cities’ streets from graffiti, sending flowers or gifts to either your friends or strangers. In other words, this chance encourages all the people to behave better, to help each other and to be kind to others. Not a bad idea these days, isn’t it?

If these few ideas mentioned above are not enough for you, what about the brilliant Italian tradition of pending coffee? It’s one of the most touching expressions of being kind in the world. Suspended coffee (or caffè sospeso in Italian) is a cup of coffee (usually it comes espresso) paid for in advance as a voluntary act of charity. Actually, this tradition is more over that 100 years and roots in low-class Naples cafes, when visitors would pay for two (three or several) cups of coffee, but drinking only one. The waiter recorded the rest for poor people needing it. A cup of suspended coffee became a symbol of anonymous kindness. You can do good – you do it, well, it’s quite simple. This tradition soon spread from Italy to the other countries. One can easily see pending coffee label in Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, the USA and many others. So, try to do you can and be awesome today! This world is worth trying!

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