National American Teddy Bear Day

Hello to everyone who follows us! Today is a special day for the cutest furry toy ever in the world! The Teddy Bear celebrates its holiday! Well, strange enough, as that sounds, but the teddy bear toy has its own day. There are a few movies and popular songs  – remember the famous “Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear” by Elvis – devoted to this funny furry friend, there are also a number of museums, festivals associated with this toy. Teddy bear has become a collector’s item – the rarer, the better. Vintage teddy bears are the pride and joy of their happy possessors. So, would like to know more about?November 14th has been designated as American Teddy Bear Day in order to honor the toy as a part of traditional American culture. It was due to the President of the USA, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., that this curious toy bear made its appearance among us. A hunting trip to Mississippi of President and some his friends triggered a teddy bear boom. As everyone knows, the group of hunters rivaling each other’s, and most of them had already got the trophies.  An American Black Bear, trapped, cornered and tied, has been proposed to kill as a hunting Presidential trophy to Roosevelt. President refused to shoot deemed it a poor sportsmanship. The case got into the newspapers, and the reporters told the world about the act of kindness. Clifford Berryman, a Pulitzer Prize cartoonist, published the political cartoon on this case in the Washington Post on November 16, 1902, which depicted the captured small and kindly-looked bear cub. The cartoon was called “Drawing the Line in Mississippi”. This story inspired the world-famous toymakers Morris Michtom, the USA, and Richard Steiff, Germany, to create a teddy – in honor of Theodore – toy bear. Michtom owned a small store in Brooklyn, New York, sold souvenirs and sweets. Rose Michtom, his wife, was believed to make first toy bear for sale. Michtom sent Theodore Roosevelt a hand-made bear and asked to use the “teddy” as a bear name. Roosevelt has given permission to. Michtom is known to found Butler Brothers Company, which produces the teddy bears.

Teddy bears had become a true iconic symbol of love and sincere feelings either for children or adults. Ladies if all over the world would be wild with joy to receive a present of teddy bear. So, if you think about the touching present for a gorgeous Russian lady, visit our “Gifts” page – cute virtual and real furry teddies are waiting for their possessors!

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