Mickey Mouse Day

Hello everyone! November 18 is one of the most famous cartoon heroes’ day – Mickey Mouse Day! Children adore this character; adults (especially gorgeous Russian ladies) gladly take photos with him or buy Mickey’s souvenirs like toys. Today Mickey is considered to be the official Walt Disney Company mascot. The entire world precisely knows the sayings “Aw, gee…”, “Gosh!”, “Oh Boy”, which are closely associated with the Mickey’s character. So, happy birthday, Mickey!

Good things never go out of style. Although Mickey is 85 years old yet, he is still popular in children. There are Mickey cartoons, Mickey toys and games, Mickey figures, Mickey clothing and accessories. Still wonderful for the character which was created as a replacement of another cartoon hero, isn’t it?

So, on November 18, 1928, the Disney cartoon of “Steamboat Willie” was released. It is known to be the first cartoon with adopted and synchronized sound. The most of movie studios were producing silent films, so Disney made a sort of breakout.  Mickey Mouse was created of necessity when Walt Disney suddenly discovered that he had lost the rights to his earlier cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey was supposed to be called “Mortimer Mouse”, but Lillian Disney, Walt’s wife, had saved Mickey from this fate. She convinced Walt in sounding Mortimer too bombastic and pretentious. Quite right, well.

Have you ever heard about “Hidden Mickey” tradition? A representation of Mickey Mouse in the form of three circles that represent ears and a head of the character becomes a sort of Easter eggs for attentive observers. One could see this figure in numerous Disney media, Disney parks or related Disney objects. Water or soap bubbles in Dumbo and Cinderella, Dalmatians black spots, a hidden Mickey in the Beast’s library and even an architectural detail of the Notre Dame Cathedral – the ”Find-all-hidden-Mickeys” game might be either enjoyable or challenging one.  There are about 800 hidden Mickeys considered to exist in Disney resorts and parks – not to be confused with decorative Mickeys!

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