International Men’s Day

Hello everyone and happy International Men’s Day, all! Today we celebrate this splendid date, you can’t have forgotten it! Are you celebrating this holiday? Step2love salutes every its user, and our gorgeous Ukrainian ladies are always glad to cheer men on not only today, but 365 days in a year! Ladies highly appreciate masculine, non-girlie behavior, so they encourage men to behave in such a way. And International Men’s Day is the perfect opportunity to mark men’s contributions to society life and to pay tribute to those men that have contributed to the creation of better and more comfortable world.In fact, this awesome day is an annual holiday that celebrates on the 19th of November every year. Calls for election of the date for International Men’s Day have been observed since 1960s, when men got worried about a special day as equivalent of women’s day. International Women’s Day is considered to be 8 of March, the male equivalent in the Soviet Union countries was considered to be 23 of February, the Soviet Army and Navy Day. In the post-Soviet period, this day was renamed as Defender of the Fatherland Day. By this name 23 of February is commemorated nowadays. Though, on calls for an International Men’s Day, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago began to celebrate International Men’s Day in 1999. Today more than 60 countries all over the world celebrate this date and commemorate this awesome holiday!

International Men’s Day (as also Women’s Day) is considered to be gender focused. Without men, we don’t have a society appears to be functioning normally. Men have the authority to decide. Men should provide and be responsible for family, environment and life safety. All these qualities please ladies – they feel safe living with such men. But, ladies, it’s your turn now to encourage your men!  In 2013 the focus of Men’s Day is “Keeping Men Safe”. Reducing the violence, keeping safe from illness, promoting male role models – these aims are attainable. Just ladies’ love and concern can create a cozy and home-like atmosphere – and this is every man needs! So, our dear men, Happy International Men’s Day!

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