Beautiful Day

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

 ― Confucius

Hello everyone! How often do you usually notice the beauty in unexpected things? Do you pick up every small but pretty thing in everyday life? Fun smile in your latte, freckles on the red-haired girl, a fine clear sky of bright colors (in November, yes) – these are the signs of the fact we are born to enjoy life, and feel its blessings. Some beautiful things lay in the surface, some are thoroughly hidden, but we do not even suspect that there is anything the matter around us. Still greater efforts should be made, however, to discover such things, in the most unexpected places. However, the beauty is worth looking for.

Today is one of the most touching and fairy holidays in our calendar – today we celebrate Beautiful Day! The 20th of November is considered to be “Beautiful Day”, a day when you can call your attention and praise the world around you. It’s a perfect occasion to find out, to share or to inspire all the beautiful things you could notice. A funny photo, a cheerful smile, neighborly warm words, a beauty of nature – no matter what it would be, it clearly would be pleasant and enjoyable. A skill to notice beautiful things in your everyday life can save you an impressive sum of your money: psychologists believe that a person, who can find out at least 5-6 beautiful things a day, wouldn’t need a shrink. Why not try it anyway? There is beauty all around us and we have to be attentive. Look around for potential beautiful things in your environment. Glance around and you had to concentrate on – it takes minimal effort. Keep it in practice and results will be close behind. Truly, it is worth a notice.

Commemorate this cute date with Step2Love! Beautiful Day and beautiful Russian ladies – what could be better? You won’t have to worry about finding out the beauty – the beauty of our ladies could captivate you from the first. Many will be achingly beautiful, so you would be pleasantly surprised. And? Of course, have a really beautiful day!

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