Special Lady this Week

Ukraine, Nikopol
Age: 30 years old
Star sign: Libra
1. Why do you search for beloved from abroad?
I think, that manners and behavior of the Russian and Ukrainian men have disappointed Slavic ladies. Foreign men sincerely admire beauty and intelligence of our women. They are more educated, understanding, intelligent, wealthy,and can give our ladies completely different life conditions.
2. What was your best vacation experience and why?
The most often I spend my vacation in Crimea. Every time, when I came back there, I feel that wonderful air, the special mix of sea and cypresses. No hustle and bustle, only sound of wind, rustling leaves and beautiful nature.
3. What is your innermost reverie?
To live my live over again and fix my mistakes. But, truly says, the biggest dream is very private for me, and I will safe it deep in my heart with the hope it will come true one special day.
4. What type of man is the most appealing for you?
Attractive man for me is a person, who never lies, never pretends, whom I can trust. And then it is not necessary man’s height, weight and eye color…
5. If you had an opportunity to change the world where would you start from?
I can say, if I have the opportunity, “I will save the world from diseases and suffering, from war and terrorism, of all environmental problems and human vices” …No wonder the world is created in such. So, I say ”Nothing…”
6. What was the funniest moment in your life?
I had many funny moments in my life, it is difficult to remind. But I am sure in future I will have even more.
7. What is your life priority?
My priorities in life have changed many times, and dramatically. Maybe, it is because I am changing during my life. On the first place – my health and my close people, whom I love and respect,and then – everything else)
8. If you could visit any country in the world which one would you choose and why?
Travels and trips are invaluable experience. New countries, cultures, people and history – often change our views and opinions. Spain – the country of passions and temptations, I wish to visit it. I will enjoy beaches with the white sand and azure water, will have appreciated all the masterpieces of Gaudi and visit the largest football stadium of the country …
9. If your life was a book how would you name it?
«My small life of big lessons»
10. How do you imagine your future family?
The love atmosphere surely has to reign in an ideal family. Its members respect and support each other, seek to help both with pleasure, and with trouble.