Thanksgiving Traditions,

or What Are You Going To Do This Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! Let us remind you – Thanksgiving Holiday is only several days away, right? Now, what’s the plan for this day? It might be foods and games, traditional sports or outdoor activities, attending your local church for thanking the God or getting ready for Black Friday shopping. Don’t miss the opportunity to make new acquaintances – plus, we have got a Thanksgiving’ surprise! Special Thanksgiving contest on Step2love and a perfect chance to vote for the most popular lady who cooks excellent!  All that really matters is that you should enjoy it. Spirit of Thanksgiving, you see it.

Every year thousands of people all around the world wait for the fourth Thursday in the month of November as a day when to express their thankfulness for all the good things in their life. They thank God for their daily bread, for sunrises and sunsets, for experience of life and life’s possibilities. Families unit and rejoice, pray and feel a deep feeling of thanksgiving. So, as any other large holiday, Thanksgiving has its customs and traditions, rooted in the 16th century and the first – legendary – pilgrims. These traditions mainly relate to food and praying. Actually, this holiday reminds us of celebrations of harvest which helped first American pilgrims to survive and live there. Mayflower people lost almost everything their all, their precious – so they had only simple things. In tribute to the first pilgrims, we use our – their! – traditional food and sit at our dinner tables with the families. When we taste roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, corn dishes and cranberry sauce, we respect every person resettled, every refugee.  When we pray, we remember. All our blessings for the past years, all our hopes for the future – let them sound this day.

Have you ever thought about why do we wish on the Turkey’s Wishbone? As you might know, the wishbone promises good luck all the next year to the person who gets the longer half. It is considered to be the ancient Roman tradition, so the settlers kept it well. There were wishbones on good luck coins and charms and Good Luck wishbone postcards. We wish you the lucky break and to meet your lucky Ukrainian lady this Thanksgiving! Have fun, then!


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