Shopping Reminder Day

Hey everyone! How are you doing? What are your plans on this week’ colossal sales? If no, then it’s time to think about it, yet the holiday season is at its hottest. It’s time to shop for the holidays, start choosing presents for your family and friends, making good bargains and picking up wished-for things. Well, today is the 26th of November, and Shopping Reminder Day takes place today!

Shopping Reminder Day is celebrated worldwide and is aimed to remind you that you should spend some time on buying all the needful things for the next year. This is especially appropriate for Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts. Those who didn’t allocate enough time for buying presents, have a golden chance to do it. Huge sales in online and real stores – that’s what this is for. Shopping really makes you feel good – it would be helpful for your self-esteem and for strengthening of self-evaluation. So the famous Black Friday is one of the most long-awaited days of the year. By the way, do you know why the Black Friday is black? Not purple, not magenta, not a red one?

The thing is that the original meaning of it was more negative than positive one. Massive accidents, traffic jams, overcrowded streets, numerous acts of violence – every Friday after Thanksgiving has been accompanied by all these facts. Shopping sales this day were so huge, and so many people wished to shop, that the Police Department of Philadelphia called this day a black one. Earl Apfelbaum is believed to be the first person who used this phrase, Black Friday, in his ad in 1966. According to another explanation, “Black” belongs to the period when accounting records were made by hand and in two colors. Red records were associated with store losses, black records meant store profits.

Dangerous? Yes, Black Friday usually means mobbed stores, overcrowded sidewalks, nervous shoppers and the atmosphere of last minute feverish purchases. The supermarkets electronic departments are usually considered to be the most dangerous places, where the acts of violence often occur. So, try to use online store shopping – it’s either interesting or safe. Use shopping reminders and gift lists – it can help you to save your money and to buy planned things only. Hint: don’t forget to become Step2Love member and to vote for the best Thanksgiving Ukrainian lady – she is worth noticing!

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