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Ukraine, Kremenchug

Age: 26 years old

Star sign: Cancer

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1. Why do you search for beloved from abroad?
I have always been interested in foreign countries.
I find living abroad like some kind of mystery, I think it is unusual and enigmatic.
And what I like about foreign men is that they are very open and sensual,
they express their views openly and clearly and they are easy to communicate with.
I hope my future husband is one of them.
2. What was your best vacation experience and why?
I always try to spend my vacations with benefit for body and soul.
Last summer I had such a two weeks vacation. I spent it with my family – my parents and sister, in the mountains, in Ukrainian Carpathians.
It was a wonderful camping! Incredible landscapes, fresh air and the dearest people.
I would be happy to repeat such a vacation again with my future beloved! :)
3. What is your innermost reverie?
My innermost reverie is to meet my sweetheart and love of all my life. To meet a man who was born for me, to fall in love with him and to marry him for sure!
I dream to live with my husband and our kids in a cosy house on a riverside… living in love, understanding and happiness!
I want it so much!
4. What type of man is the most appealing for you?
I like self-reliant, reliable and strong men with a sense of humor; men who keep their promises, men who are ready to defend and to support their future wife and family. These qualities I appreciate in men most of all.
5.If you had an opportunity to change the world where would you start from?
As for me — nothing is perfect and if you want to start changing the world it can last forever. I would like to start from creating a robot that would help people all over the world in search of soulmate! That would be so cool! Agree? :)
6. What was the funniest moment in your life?
I had a lot of funny moments in my life! Some of them are so piquant so I can tell them only to the closest people:)
I am an open- hearted and very cheerful girl and I like laughing and having fun, so funny stories attending me everyday. And I want to say that I’m looking forward for more fun with my sweetheart in future!
7. What is your life priority?
There is only one priority in my life and it is family! I consider family as the most important thing in every person’s life, because without it you can’t be really happy. Career, fame and money can’t warm you up, can’t make you feel necessary, can’t take care of you and can’t make you feel happy.
8. If you could visit any country in the world which one would you choose and why?
Travelling is very interesting for me and I’d like to travel all around the world!
Primarily I’d like to visit Eastern countries – wonderful and interesting places for all the tourists. There is a great difference between living in the East and in my country, so I’d like to plunge into this life to understand how does it feel to live in the East.
9. If your life was a book how would you name it?
If once I decide to write a book about my life I would call it…Bittersweet Julia. This word describes me accurately, because I can be different- like sugar and pepper.
10. How do you imagine your future family?
I imagine the understanding man with a strong character next to me- the person who will passionately love me, protect me and take care of me and our kids. And I’ll do everything possible to be a perfect wife for him:) I will tenderly love him, support him in all his affairs and make his life happy!